Responsible crop protection as a valuable and sustainable contribution to securing our agriculture

We at Lithos firmly believe in the vision that responsible plant protection has to contribute in preserving our agriculture and therefore our livelihood in a truly valuable and sustainable way. Hence, we aim at the development and market introduction of products that fulfil this high ambition. In more than 10 years of research and development we were able to prove that there are various methods to protect plants ecologically and economically meaningful at the same time.

Cooperating with numerous universities, research institutions, laboratories, authorities, chambers of agriculture and particularly farmers we developed purely natural plant protection products which combat pests effectively without endangering the environment. We make sure that our products can be used in conventional as well as in organic farming.

Today, any agricultural production faces the challenge to produce food and feed stuff ecologically sustainable as well as economically reasonable. To achieve this, the protection of crops against pests of all kind plays a crucial role and therefore composes a huge international market. We will contribute to meet this challenge und will utilize the chances which are offered by this market.