Natural Protection against Western Corn Rootworm.

The "Western Corn Rootworm" (WCR) increasingly spreads in Europe and became the economically most critical corn pest. Some 7 million hectares are affected already. After the ban of the bee-killing neonicotinoids by the EU, farmers are desperately searching for efficient control methods.

Lithos developed and patented a biologically harmless product: CornProtect combats the WCR with mating disruption and proved its effectiveness in many years of scientific studies and field tests. Currently, Lithos is working on the registration as European plant protection product. In the meantime, in some countries CornProtect is sold and used by permission of so-called emergency registrations.

Der "Western Corn Rootworm" (Diabrotica virgifera virgifera)

CornProtect offers a unique set of Advantages:

  • High effectiveness
  • Long-term effect during the full flying season of the WCR (slow release function)
  • Fully species-specific (only affects WCR, no other organisms)
  • No effects on other organisms (users, beneficial animals), plants and the environment (soil or water)
  • Easy-to-use: Application with usual field sprayers
  • Can be used in conventional as well as in organic farming
  • High consumer acceptance