Effects and Application of Lithos CornProtect*

Lithos has developed Lithos CornProtect: A biologically harmless product to combat the Western Corn Rootworm (WCR):

  • The mating of WCR is disrupted by spreading pest-specific pheromones in combination with special minerals which leads to a slow release during the months of the WCR's flying period. The male bugs are confused, they don't find the females and their mating desire is reduced. The pheromones are fully specific, which means that no other organisms are affected or harmed.
  • Many years of development work together with universities and research institutes as well as extensive field tests confirm the reduced fertilization during the full flying period of the bugs. As a result, the occurrence of the WCR is kept below the damage threshold even in heavily affected areas.
  • The application of CornProtect can be done in a very cost-efficient way with normal field sprayers at a time, when the height of corn still allows normal tractors' passage in the field. When available, high clearance tractors can be used which further optimizes the date of application.

* emergency registration has been requested in Austria

(Use plant protection products carefully. Always read label and product information before use)