Lithos micro dispenser technology

The magic formula of Zeolite: Spray once, confuse for weeks

Lithos micro dispenser technology enables mating disruption in arable agriculture: Biological pest control with the help of pheromones has become an integral part of many fruit plantations and vineyards. In arable agriculture, the practical implementation of mating disruption has so far failed due to the high effort required for the consistent distribution and recollection of various dispensers. Over several years of research work, Lithos Crop Protect has found a way to efficiently and economically implement the concept of effective mating disruption on large areas of arable land in the future as well, and what is more, in a natural way. Sprayable application with slow-release effect

With the zeolite spray application, the pioneering idea of pheromone-based pest control is now also feasible in arable farming. The basis is provided by the natural mineral of the same name and its special suitability as a carrier material to bind certain liquid substances and release them continuously over a longer period of time. As a result, every pheromone from the pherolit® line can now also be sprayed easily and quickly in agriculture – and subsequently forms a long-lasting and effectively confusing cloud of scent to prevent the spread of pests.

Spray pheromones instead of using attractant dispensers.

  1. The natural volcanic mineral has a special cage structure with a huge inner surface
  2. In the process patented by Lithos Crop Protect, pherolit® is applied to the substrate and released again via the unique “slow-release” function.
  3. The carrier material enables the release of the active ingredient to be specifically controlled!
  4. Zeolite is already used in many places as a proven plant and soil additive and therefore does not form any harmful residues, but actually has a positive effect.
  5. The zeolite powder prepared in a special grinding process can be sprayed thanks to its particle size! This can be achieved with normal field sprayers, stilt tractors, airplanes or drones.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No #880432