Plant protection through nature.​

Generating good yields and preserving the diversity of plants and animals: these are two central concerns of sustainable agriculture that make a significant contribution to securing the food supply for future generations. The responsible use of pesticides plays a decisive role in this context.

Using pheromones to preserve biodiversity.

We at Lithos Crop Protect want to help farmers to meet this challenge successfully with modern solutions for pest control based on nature. For us, modern crop protection means working with nature – instead of against it.

Our pherolit® active ingredients, which make it much more difficult for pests to locate receptive conspecifics, offer an effective way of doing this. The method of mating disruption has already become established in fruit farming and viticulture. Thanks to our revolutionary form of application, it is now also possible in arable farming to confuse harmful organisms in a targeted manner and thus continuously reduce their populations. With pherolit®-d, we have developed an active ingredient that can make a significant contribution to preventing the spread of the corn rootworm from advancing rapidly.

EU Flagge

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No #880432